Wren and his wife, Britt, are staunchly pro-life and will fight to protect the unborn in Richmond. In the courtroom, practicing adoption and guardianship law has allowed Wren to help guide Virginia’s children to a better home. He understands firsthand that given the opportunity to a quality life, future American generations will thrive. In Richmond, he will push back on the liberal pro-abortion agenda and will advocate for pro-life policies, like making adoption easier and supporting foster care reform.

As an avid outdoorsman and hunter, Wren is unapologetically pro-gun. Wren also understands that the Second Amendment has “shall not infringe” for a reason and that our Constitution is the guiding document when it comes to our right to bear arms.  Our Second Amendment rights have been under attack by liberals in Richmond and Wren will always vote to protect our right to defend ourselves.

Rural healthcare has been an afterthought in Richmond and it’s long overdue that we put our district’s health first. Our community lacks access to quality, affordable healthcare because career politicians in Richmond and Washington DC are more interested in campaign donations than taking care of their constituents. Wren will fight the drug companies and insurance agencies from profiting off our pain. Improved healthcare in the Commonwealth starts with protecting people with pre-existing conditions, lowering drug prices, and increasing access. Wren will advocate for more competition in the healthcare marketplace, not government run healthcare. Citizens in the Commonwealth should be making their families healthcare decisions, not bureaucrats in Richmond and Washington DC.

Wren graduated from Patrick County High School and is a product of Virginia’s public schools. Wren knows that our schools function best when decisions are made at the local level. COVID-19 has shown that Southwest’s students have been left behind without access to reliable internet, virtual learning, and alternatives to meet today’s educational needs. School choice is essential to improving our educational system and that means expanding charter schools, investing in vocational training, and allowing parents to make their children’s educational decisions.

COVID-19 has crushed our businesses and left thousands without jobs. As a small business owner, Wren understands the strain this has put on Virginia families, and in Richmond his priority is to get people back to work, keep businesses operating, and revitalize main street. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and they are suffering. Wren will advocate to cut through red-tape, lower taxes, and allow free markets to let Virginia businesses thrive.

Richmond has completely forgotten about Southwest & Southside Virginia. We lack the same job opportunities, quality healthcare, and educational opportunities as Northern Virginia or Hampton Roads does. Southwest matters and right now our values, heritage, and culture are under attack by liberals in Richmond. When it comes to fighting for our community, it’s personal to Wren. As Delegate, he fights for our shared values and ensures Southwest and Southside are represented at the negotiating table.

Our elections are the most sacred part of American democracy. In 2020, Wren volunteered his time to aid President Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) election integrity efforts in Wisconsin. Virginia Democrats have pushed voting without any form of ID, and will continue to push liberal policies that harm the fabric of our voting system. Wren believes election integrity and trusting our elections is one of the most important issues facing the Commonwealth. In Richmond, he will bring his national courtroom experience on this issue and will be a fierce fighter for integrity in our elections.