Stuart, VA— Republican Candidate for Virginia’s 9th District House of Delegates seat, attorney and former Patrick County GOP Chairman Wren Williams is honored to announce his fourth round of endorsements from local farmers and leaders in the 9th District.

“I am honored to have earned the trust and support of our farmers,” said Republican Primary challenger Wren Williams. “As the proud owner of cattle and horses, I understand how important agriculture is to our economy and way of life in this district. That’s why I am proud to have the support of those that help drive our economy. As Delegate, I will fight for Virginia’s farmers and agricultural industry.”

Wren Williams has now earned the endorsement of 12 Farmers and Agricultural Leaders in the 9th District.

Tim Belcher, Crop Farmer – Franklin County

 Jason Pendleton, Cattle Farmer – Henry County

George Stovall, Cattle Farmer – Patrick County

Duncan Merritt, Cattle and Crop Farmer – Patrick County

Chris Miller, Cattle Farmer – Patrick County

Dale Puckett, Crop Farmer – Patrick County

Alan Mitchell, Cattle and Crop Farmer – Patrick County

Chris Worley, Cattle Farmer – Patrick County

Drew Bray, Cattle Farmer – Patrick County

Dustin Whorley, Cattle Farmer – Patrick County

Jerry Hopkins, Cattle Farmer – Patrick County

Larry Cockram, Cattle Farmer – Patrick County


Wren Williams is an Eagle Scout and the owner of Schneider & Williams Law Firm, along with his wife, Britt. Wren was born in Stuart, Virginia and his family has deep roots in Patrick County and the community. Wren and his family have run several successful businesses including Ten Oaks Flooring and have employed thousands of people in Southwest and Southside. Wren graduated from Patrick County High School and went on to attend Hampden-Sydney College as a Patrick Henry Scholar. Following graduation, Wren attended Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law where he met his wife. After Law School, Wren went back to his hometown to practice law and serve his community Wren has been active in conservative politics from a young age and served as the Republican Chair of Patrick County from 2018 to 2021. During his time as Patrick County Republican Chairman, Wren increased membership, helped flip the board of supervisors to Republican control, and raised money to make Patrick County one of the most active Republican Committees in the Commonwealth earning the Republican Party of Virginia’s “Unit of the Year” award. During the 2020 election, Wren traveled the country to help the Republican National Committee (RNC) and President Trump fight for voter integrity in the courtroom in Wisconsin. Wren lives in Stuart, Virginia with his wife, Britt, and their chocolate lab, Mousse, and Golden Retriever, Skip.