Stuart, VA – Last night, Debra Atwell of Abingdon came forward as a witness to the spectacle created by Marie March last Saturday, and gave a statement defending Wren Williams. Ms. Atwell testifies that while she was waiting to re-enter the ballroom, she was standing directly behind Marie March in the crowded doorway when Wren Williams passed through.

“[Wren Williams] didn’t bump [Marie March] hard at all. It was just like if you passed someone in the airport and brushed against their shoulder. She didn’t waver at all, or even move.”

“He did not veer to hit her…As soon as they had the shoulder tap, Wren turned around and said, ‘Oh, excuse me, I’m sorry.’ … I didn’t think anything of what had happened until my friend called me and showed me the article in the Roanoke Times.”

“I think these charges are ludicrous. When I saw the Roanoke Times on Monday, I was shocked and appalled and disgusted that Marie March had blown this so far out of proportion – way, way out of proportion. Marie’s response has been ludicrous and crazy.”

“In light of this testimony, I earnestly implore Marie March to drop these baseless charges. I hope that we can all heal as a party from this misunderstanding.”

“I want to thank Debra for her courage and honesty in coming forward to tell her side of the story. Like the security tape of the incident, Ms. Atwell’s account fully vindicates me of any wrongdoing. I firmly believe that the truth will always prevail,” said Williams.

“On the other hand, it is sickening that March has continued to double-down on her lies to police officers that evening, claiming this was ‘Assault and Battery.’ Nothing could be further from the truth. This is truly unhinged behavior. March is putting spectacle over decency, and that is unbecoming of an elected official.”


Wren Williams is currently the sitting delegate representing Virginia’s 9th House District, serving on the Committees on Public Safety, Privileges and Elections, and Courts of Justice. Since redistricting, Williams is running for re-election in Virginia’s new 47th House District. Prior to his election as delegate, Williams served as chairman of the Patrick County Republican Committee (PCRC), where he flipped the board of supervisors and school board to Republican control, earning the Republican Party of Virginia’s “Unit of the Year” award. During the 2020 election, Wren traveled the country to help the Republican National Committee (RNC) and President Trump fight for election integrity in the courtroom in Wisconsin. In 2021, Williams made headlines when he challenged and defeated a 14-year incumbent by 26 points in the Republican Primary. Outside of politics, Wren lives in Stuart, VA with his wife, Britt, where they own and operate Schneider & Williams Law Firm.