STUART, VA – Delegate Wren Williams (R – Stuart) responded to a surfaced statement on Facebook from Delegate Marie March dated February 6th, 2019, in which Delegate March discussed the ethics around, in her words, “deciding to terminate a pregnancy.”

“Our choices are personal and unique. So WHY is Government even involved????? How bout let’s get Big Government out of our lives – they should neither financially support nor make it illegal,” March said. March published her statement a week after former Gov. Ralph Northam explained on radio how 3rd-trimester abortions could be performed. The following statement in response can be attributed to Delegate Wren Williams:

“I am shocked and horrified that my opponent, Delegate Marie March, would respond to Northam and his Pro-Life critics by defending abortion and saying that the government should not make it illegal. Marie March is Pro-Choice. There is no other way to interpret her comments. 

When the SCOTUS ruling is passed down, the balance of Life will be in the General Assembly. We can’t trust Pro-Choice squishes like March. Marie March has made it clear she will not ban abortions in Virginia. I will wholeheartedly support a ban on abortions in Virginia. 

I call on Delegate March to withdraw from this race. A Pro-Choice Liberal does not fit the Pro-Life conservative values of this district. Delegate March is unfit to represent us. I am the only Pro-Life Republican in this race.”


Wren Williams is currently the sitting delegate representing Virginia’s 9th House District, serving on the Committees on Public Safety, Privileges and Elections, and Courts of Justice. Since redistricting, Williams is running for re-election in Virginia’s new 47th House District. Prior to his election as delegate, Williams served as chairman of the Patrick County Republican Committee (PCRC), where he increased membership, raised money, and flipped the board of supervisors and school board to Republican control – earning the Republican Party of Virginia’s “Unit of the Year” award. During the 2020 election, Wren traveled the country to help the Republican National Committee (RNC) and President Trump fight for election integrity in the courtroom in Wisconsin. In 2021, Williams made headlines when he challenged and defeated a 14-year incumbent by 26 points in the Republican Primary. Outside of politics, Wren lives in Stuart, VA with his wife, Britt, where they own and operate Schneider & Williams Law Firm.