RICHMOND, VA – On Friday, a bill to reinstate presumption against bail, introduced by Delegate Wren Williams (R – Stuart) on behalf of Attorney General Jason Miyares, passed the Virginia House of Delegates 52-46 without a single Democrat vote. Williams introduced this bill to stop the rise in crime threatening Virginia families and neighborhoods that was caused by the Democrats’ “catch-and-release” policies for violent criminals.

Speaking to the bill’s passage, Attorney General Jason Miyares gave the following statement:

“In 2020, far-left Democrats changed Virginia’s bail law to give the most violent, repeat offenders the benefit of the doubt, releasing them into our communities with little to no bond. Since then, Virginia’s violent crime rate has skyrocketed.

Reinstating Virginia’s presumption against bail for the most violent crimes is common sense. It prioritizes victims and protects our communities.

Public safety is not a partisan issue. I’m proud that the Virginia House of Delegates understands the importance of this bill and hope the Virginia Senate will look at it objectively and not through a partisan lens.”

Speaking from his experience as criminal defense-attorney, Del. Wren Williams added:

“In my own district, a felon had assaulted his girlfriend. The judge saw him as high-risk and didn’t want to give him a bond, but was forced to by the Democrats’ elimination of presumption against bail. Within 2 weeks of being released, that felon had murdered a mother and her unborn child.

I am appalled by the Democrats’ refusal to correct their mistakes, even when these pro-violence policies lead to innocent people being murdered. Virginians want safety for their neighborhoods, homes, and families. I am proud to be working with Attorney General Miyares and carrying this bill that will make all Virginians safer.”


Wren Williams is the sitting delegate representing Virginia’s 9th House District, serving on the Committees on Public Safety, Privileges and Elections, and Courts of Justice. Since redistricting, Williams is running for re-election in Virginia’s new 47th House District. Prior to his election as delegate, Williams served as chairman of the Patrick County Republican Committee (PCRC), where he increased membership, raised money, and flipped the board of supervisors and school board to Republican control – earning the Republican Party of Virginia’s “Unit of the Year” award. During the 2020 election, Wren traveled the country to help the Republican National Committee (RNC) and President Trump fight for election integrity in the courtroom in Wisconsin. In 2021, Williams made headlines when he challenged and defeated a 14-year incumbent by 26 points in the Republican Primary. Outside of politics, Wren lives with his wife, Britt, and son, Rhett, in Stuart, VA. Wren and Britt own and operate Schneider & Williams Law Firm.